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who helped me to re-install PC

Last week, my Macbook pro crushed by HDD trouble. I bought a new HDD and re-installed OSX. This article is a note about how I re-installed it.

Genius bar

I went to Genius bar at 南京东路. They helped me to understand what is problem and what I have to do. They also installed OSX to new HDD. Their English is good, so I can communicate without problem. It was big help for me.


I started to use lastpass at this year. If I did not start, re-setup PC would be troublesome.


All my source code is hosted by GitHub, so I can reproduce my development environment onto new HDD.


In my PC, there is a lot of music. The whole size of them is 20GiB. I put them into Dropbox, and it still works after I moved into China. Now I can enjoy to listen my favorite music.