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log: 2012/Nov/19 ~ 25


Interests TAOBAO for developer I heard that TAOBAO is one of the largest company who uses Java. They have some sites for developer: MySQL patches Taobao UED(User Experience Design) Official blog about platform (how great office!) introduct…

log: 2012/Nov/12 ~ 18


Interests CNZZ I had started using at my site and this blog. I heard that this tool is likes Google Analytics. enchant.js 0.6-pre is not stable I tried this version, but it cannot support events and displaying character. Especiall…

findbugs-slf4j:0.2 is released

Today I released new version of finsbugs-slf4j and deployed it to Maven central. bug fix fixed findbugs.xml update SLF4J_LOGGER_SHOULD_BE_PRIVATE bug pattern

log: 2012/Nov/5 ~ 11


Interests Shanghai IT event calendar (Japanese language) RubyConf China 2012 At the next week end, RubyConf China 2012 will be held. Sadly its ticket has been already sold out. Lanyrd Lanyrd recommends confere…

log: 2012/Oct/25 ~ Nov/4

Interests Single page apps in the depth I have read Single page apps in the depth. Chapter of module & test are little boring (because I have already known), but overview is very interesting. You can get epub, mobi and pdf at index. GitHub…

findbugs-slf4j:0.1 released

Today I released finsbugs-slf4j and deployed it to Maven central. This project is a FinfBugs plugin to support SLF4J user. You can use it from your Maven project like below. <plugin> <groupId>org.codehaus.mojo</groupId> <artifactId>findbugs-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.5.2</version> </plugin>