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Entries from 2012-12-01 to 1 month

My acts on the WWW in 2012

This entry is a summary of my acts on the WWW in this year. Summary of the last year is here. I think that all hope in this entry has already been implemented. personal products I released a lot of products at GitHub. The main language is …

log: 2012/Dec/5 ~ 26


Interests Advent calendar about child care KLab comes to Shanghai Outputs First ticket for regression-report-plugin Now my Jenkins plugin has been installed 130+ ti…

who helped me to re-install PC

Last week, my Macbook pro crushed by HDD trouble. I bought a new HDD and re-installed OSX. This article is a note about how I re-installed it. Genius bar I went to Genius bar at 南京东路. They helped me to understand what is problem and wh…



log: 2012/Nov/26 ~ Dec/4


Interests widget I knew this several years ago, but it is not stable yet. the Sasago tunnel accident The soul of 'Japanese quality' is almost dead.…