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log: 2012/Aug/20~26


Interests Google guava library / collection I found some useful classes in guava library. This library is too big to understand at once. Constraints Interner MapConstraint useful zsh configuration I installed grml. Currently it works well.…



ruleset-for-SLF4J version 0.4 has been released

I fixed some NPE in version 0.3. eller86/ruleset-for-SLF4J · GitHub But I found that parsing code is not enough to detect bugs. For example, we cannot know the difference between: // this is OK, both of placeholder and parameter is only on…

log: 2012/Aug/13~19


Interests JavaScript toolkit for rogue like game It's cool... I know that creating map & deciding path are little difficult to implement. It may help a lot of beginners to build game. But sadly, it looks not maintained. CPU compiler for Ja…

ruleset-for-SLF4J version 0.2 has been released

New version of ruleset-for-SLF4J has been released! Now it helps you to check number of placeholder. There are few limitations to use. Please read document for detail.


PMDは「枯れた技術」だと思うしネット上にも日本語情報は多いですが、わりと古いものが多い気がするし1箇所にまとまってたほうが便利だと思うのでまとめてみます。 なお著者のスペックの都合上、SBTのようなナウでヤングなビルドツールは対象にしていません…