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When we need to divide small class into 2 classes

3~4 years ago, I divided code into some classes which has own responsibility. Now, I have got another option, dividing into some classes which has 1 processing. 1 class which has 1 responsibility and 2 processing Imagine that how to code a…

JUnit with Groovy2 by Maven3

Groovy is a good language to code JUnit test cases. Groovy is easy to learn, short to code, and simple to read. Today I changed my pom.xml to use Groovy 2.0 with JUnit 4.11, so I will share my change for you. how to edit your pom.xml What …

log: 2012/Dec/27~2013/Jan/27

Interests Flowtime.js HTML5 framework for making slide. Little boring to code, but interesting. It provides good way to structure your slide. meeting for WEB maker in Shanghai The 2nd and 3rd meeting was held during latest 2 months. CLR I …

Interesting interface: GitHub 'Contributions' tab

Just a memo. I guess they will remove (or change) it later.