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finsbugs-slf4j version 1.0.1 released

Today I released findbugs-slf4j version 1.0.1, since I got a bug report. Now that ClassNotFoundException problem has been fixed. Getting feedback is always great experience. I am very happy :) To use latest version, what you have to do is …

log: 2013/Feb/16~24

Outputs RequireJS dependency graph plugin I found that r.js does not execute define function because it uses AST. It means that wrapping define function has no meaning. I think I need to use parentMap to know dependency, but currently I ca…

log: 2013/Feb/4~15

Interests FireFox OS Currently I do not like Android and iOS, so I hope that this OS (or Ubuntu) become popular and make the market actively. But they would be minor... Outputs This week is long holiday (the head of lunar new year), so I d…


せっかくの旧正月なので。 今年の言語 JVM以外のマルチプラットフォーム実行基盤を学びたいと思ってCLRを学ぶためにC#とF#に焦点を定めていたんですが、Win8を買う予定が消えたこともあってナシになりました。LINQと親しむいい機会だったのですが。 当面はGr…

I deployed jsr305-maven-plugin

I deployed jsr305-maven-plugin to the Sonatype repository. It will be deployed to Maven central soon. If you need more information about this plugin, please check this article.


今回は出張なので時間はほぼありません。マンガ読む時間も無さそうです。 ちなみに明日から中国は旧正月です。今花火がすごい鳴っています。

log: 2013/Jan/28~Feb/3

Interests the Metaq Metaq is a distributed message middleware, released by Currently we cannot build it because it depends on a lot of closed code, but they are working to allow us to build. In my opinion, this product is not w…

Apache Wink will become a top level project

Developers reported it at their mailing list. Congratulation!