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Shanghai Open Source Meetup

I will go to the Shanghai Open Source Meetup at the end of this month. One of my coworker told this event to me, many thanks for it.

I will try to do a short Lightning Talk about 'RequireJS' or 'topical OSS products in Japan'.

Session event by own

I will hold a event to communicate with some developers, both of Japanese and Chinese.

How to build Android app

I need to research how to build and deploy Android app to extend my experience. Now I am learning it by this site, and I succeeded to execute mvn android:deploy android:run.


RequireJS best practice

I added a sample project to explain how to use i18n plugin.

And I am making a project which uses Require-is plugin. This plugin is quite good and simple. I also trying to use the AMD-cache plugin, but it is not enough because there is no API to clear cache.

findbugs-slf4j, version 1.0.2 and 1.0.3

I fixed several bugs, and there are still 2 issues (#14 and #16) on GitHub. I hope that #14 is already fixed, so next I will try to fix the last one.