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My acts on the WWW in 2013

I will summarize my online actions in this year. Old articles are below:

personal products

I have released several personal products, and 4 of them are important to explain my action:

They are not web service. Only document, Maven plugin and Findbugs plugin I have released. I have learned a lot of technology to maintain web service, but I made no chance to use it in production environment.

Static analysis is the highest priority theme in this year, so I costed much time to implement findbugs-slf4j. But now I am facing a huge problem which is based on limitation of FindBugs.

I also costed time to learn how to improve productivity by build tool or other automation tools. Maven is the key tool in this area, but I think we need another tool to automate troublesome routine work. I will make a chance to explain about it next year.

Shanghai -> Singapore

I moved from Shanghai to Singapore at this summer. I think that Singapore isn't good place to work and live, because atmosphere and price aren't good. I hope that my life at here will be improved next year.

My work at these countries brought good opportunity and theme to think about team work, productivity and diversity. At team work, we should know that communication is the most important thing to build great team.

It was difficult to understand when I worked at Japan, because we have no doubt about our expectation: oral communication is "perfect" to tell opinion. At foreign country you cannot expect so, it is one of the goodness of office at foreign country.


I posted 49 entries and 6 of them got 10 or more bookmarks:

Yes, my blog is not famous for English user yet. Maybe it is better to join some event which is hosted by English users.

Page view in this year is 33,000 and 75.47% of them are new visitor. The frequently used search keywords are:

  • slf4j
  • Guava
  • BufferedOutputStream
  • java ファイル出力 高速化 (=File I/O acceleration)

Visitors searched about library like SLF4J and Guava. Currently there is no user who is looking for information about Maven, RequireJS and other tools. It is little strange... maybe I need to choose "correct" words to help user to reach to my blog.