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log: 2013/Jan/28~Feb/3


the Metaq

Metaq is a distributed message middleware, released by Currently we cannot build it because it depends on a lot of closed code, but they are working to allow us to build.

In my opinion, this product is not well-structured, you can see some inefficient code. But what I was excited is, we can access and fork their project by own. As you know, is one of the biggest EC site in China. And this middleware is working to support their web sites. Sounds great, doesn't it?

the Flight

Flight is a component based framework for JavaScript. It is similar to current my approach, but well structured.


patch for PARTAKE

I made a patch for PARTAKE, simple but important bugfix.


Version 0.4 had been released. Go GitHub to get how to use it.

Now you can detect unreadable format like below.

logger.log("{},{}", foo, bar);

And I started using groovy to test, because map literal helps me to code my test case easy. It might be helpful to learn how to use groovy with Maven.