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すみません、この前のエントリでSLF4JというかJavaのロギングがとてもややこしいものだという印象を残してしまったようです。そんなことないので、ログ出力の使い方についてさくっと説明することで誤解を解きたいと思います。 SLF4Jでログを出すのは、たった…

This is the 300th entry of my blog

Thanks a lot for my fiends, coworker and family :) I cannot write so many entries without your supports. I will continue to improve myself, output a lot of products and try to energize everyone.



Interests Shanghai Open Source Meetup I will go to the Shanghai Open Source Meetup at the end of this month. One of my coworker told this event to me, many thanks for it. I will try to do a short Lightning Talk about 'RequireJS' or 'topica…