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Creating tree walker for accessing parsed words

In the last article I generated a simple parser, but I cannot access parsed words. It means that I cannot know 'what is provided as S'. It's very big defect so I had to try to solve this problem. To access parsed words, dyn.js uses 'tree w…

How to generate simple parser with ANTLR3

I've found that dynjs depends on ANTLR3. I have to learn ANTLR3 to read dynjs, so I'm trying to use it with Maven3. pom.xml To use ANTLR3, we have to write 1 dependency and 1 plugin in pom.xml. Sample is here. <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.antlr</groupId> <artifactId>antlr-runtime</artifactid></dependency></dependencies>


【漫画つき】コンプガチャだけじゃない。ケータイSNSゲーム課金の仕組み解説 - しっぽのブログ このへん読んでいて思ったんですが、もしこういう「アイテムを取られるかもしれない」「もうちょっとで揃うのに急に出なくなった」という焦りや「他人のアイテム…