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How dynjs runs javascript


I'm trying to read dynjs. At 1st, let's try to know how it executes given javascript.


build it and create an IDE project

There is a wiki page to introduce how to build. Please read and try it.
I created an Eclipse project by executing mvn eclipse:eclipse -DdownloadSources.

creating script

The dynjs gets script from files to execute. So we have to create a script file.

$ echo 'print("Hello, world!");' > sample.js


loading script from a file

OK, let's execute from IDE. We can give arguments to dynjs, so I give just "sample.js". has a main method. It build an argument object with args4j. At last, Main class calls executeFile method.

final DynJSConfig cfg = new DynJSConfig();
new DynJS(cfg).eval(context, new FileInputStream(filename));

This eval(DynThreadContext, InputStream) method calls parseSourceCode(DynThreadContext, InputStream) method to create a List<Statement> with parser created by antlr3. This list is used to execute a compiler.

private void execute(DynThreadContext context, List result) {
Script script = compiler.compile(result.toArray(new Statement[]{}));

dynjs/src/main/java/org/dynjs/runtime/ at 150f102bec3709e3af5e7a49934feb075f9cd008 from dynjs/dynjs - GitHub
compiling a List<Statement>

Compiler gets List<Statement> from DynJS class, and use it to compile.

Compiler creates a class and its instance dynamically, and call its execute(DynThreadContext) method. I dumped defined class to a binary file and checked it by javap, and I found this method is very simple.

public void execute(org.dynjs.runtime.DynThreadContext);
   0:	ldc	#14; //String Hello, world!
   2:	dup
   3:	getstatic	#20; //Field java/lang/System.out:Ljava/io/PrintStream;
   6:	swap
   7:	invokevirtual	#26; //Method java/io/PrintStream.println:(Ljava/lang/Object;)V
   10:	return

My sample.js doesn't need context, so it doesn't use opcode like aload etc. I'll try to check around parser, method calls and the duck typing.