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新年快乐! (Happy lunar new year!)

 Chinese new year holiday ends today. So I try to think my purposes for this year.


 I wrote 'I want to write Java tool or library with byte code creation' in 3 weeks ago, but I've finished it by writing maven-jsr305-plugin. So I need other purpose.

 My current idea is understanding JavaScript runtime system. I want to know it as deep as I've already known about JVM. What I'm challenging now is reading dynjs, and I'll try to read Rhino and V8.
 And I want to understand about JVM too. I need more knowledges to read jvm-l mailing list. Yes, I know that the technology isn't purpose but way, and I have to work hard to act...

living in China

 This year is the first year living in China. My purpose is very simple, finding the community to join. I'm poor at Chinese, so I need a field to enhance it and to get informations to live.

 That's all.