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log: 2012/Jul/16~22


A survey of client MVC frameworks

I like spine.js because it's easy to read and enough to use, but I have no product which fits this framework. I think backbone.js is the best choice for PARTAKE.

technical events in Shanghai

Finally I got information about Chinese event about technology. Thanks for Mr.Xiaoeda!

PDDocument doesn't implement

I tried to use PDFBox, and found its key class doesn't implement Closable even though it has close() method!
Sometimes Java library forgets to use interfaces like Closeable, Serializable and Comparable. I'm afraid that AutoCloseable interface will face this problem too.

Sending a patch for Apache or Codehaus is boring

I wanted to send a patch for PDFBox and jslint-maven-plugin, but that process is too complex for me. How awesome GitHub is!

Travis CI

I found that Travis CI can build SBT project and tried to use it for PARTAKE. Currently it doesn't work.


This library may be useful to generate code with invokedynamic.