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Deploying Maven's site to GitHub Pages

 Are you using Maven's site feature? How about GitHub Pages? If you're using both of them, GitHub's site-maven-plugin helps you to host your site on Pages.
 MavenのsiteとGitHub Pagesを使っている方に朗報です。GitHub社がsiteをPagesにデプロイするMavenプラグインを公開しており、とても簡単に利用することができます。


 At first, write <plugin>...</plugin> in your pom.xml.

    <message>Building site for ${project.version}</message>

 Next, open your '~/.m2/settings.xml' and create new <profile>. You have to write your GitHub's userName and password as plain text.


How to use

 What you need is just commanding `mvn site`. The gh-pages branch will be created at your remote repository. I recommend to add to command line argument to test your setting at first.
 使い方はとても簡単、`mvn site`を叩くだけです。リモートリポジトリにgh-pagesブランチが作成されます。最初はオプションを引数に追加して、設定がきちんとできていることを確認するといいでしょう。

 If your build fails, check that your pom.xml contains information of your repository like project.scm.developerConnection. Please read official document to know details of configurations.

 This plugin doesn't support multi-module site, but very useful to host simple project. I used this plugin to host my maven-jsr305-plugin's site. Enjoy!