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log: 2013/Feb/4~15


FireFox OS

Currently I do not like Android and iOS, so I hope that this OS (or Ubuntu) become popular and make the market actively. But they would be minor...


This week is long holiday (the head of lunar new year), so I developed and researched some topics.


I deployed this plugin onto Maven central repository. Now you can use this plugin without '<repository>' element.


I made a document about how to use this plugin with Sonar. And I made a new rule to find static logger.

I will release version 1.0 next week.

drawing AMD dependency with DOT language

Currently I am trying to make a RequireJS plugin to draw dependency between modules. You can see my progress at GitHub.

Current result is below. Circle means non-depended module, and box means depended module. You can find that a lot of modules depend on jQuery.


This plugin will generate source code like below. I choose DOT language to generate graph.

digraph dependency {
  "./jquery.js" [shape = box] 
  "./bootstrap.js" [shape = box] 
  "./jquery-plugin.js" [shape = box] 
  "./bootstrap-plugin.js" [shape = box] 
  "./template.js" [shape = box] 

Currently I am using console.log but I should switch to writeFile function.