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How I find and learn new technical things

Sometimes my teammates ask me about how to find and learn new technologies. It would be common question for technologist and developers, so I will try to summarise current my theories.

How to find new technologies

RSS (articles)

RSS is still my best method to collect information from WWW. I have already tried AI based curation like Gunosy and SmartNews, but they summarise information from only limited sites. To collect information from everywhere, RSS is the best way for now.

I use feedly pro to summarise information and check it everyday morning. Its free version is also good and enough, please try.

Here I will list several sites from my subscriptions:


RSS is good to find new things, but it might not enough to learn new things because each article is small and not well organised. Best solution is the book, it is designed for my usage; It is well packaged so I can find all related information and background.

So when I want to learn some specific topic like BLE, ROS, Arduino or Scala, I visit following sites to purchase e-book.

GitBook and similar sites have potential to be good place to find book, but in many cases, books are not edited.


I do not use SNS so much for now, because now my network environment is not good. But following sites are good, they have many information what I do not know.

Mailing list

Many OSS projects have mailing list. When you get interested in OSS, I recommend you to find mailing list and join it.

And there are also mailing list which introduce new information continuously.


Meetup is good place to meet with new information. You may want to check:


Pocket might be the most important tool to collect information. It helps me to postpone reading when I have no time to with with care.

How to make time to learn

Even though you have method, it does not work without time to use. So most important thing is that making time to learn continuously.

Basically I have good concentration at morning, so I make time to learn at morning. If you are also, then please try to make habit and environment to read articles at train, bus, desk or somewhere.