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I moved to Singapore

At 2011, I moved to Shanghai from Tokyo. And now I moved to Singapore.

From Singapore, I can use SNS and video streaming service. So I will try to join some online event like ClubDB2. Of course it can be a problem: I might waste time by SNS ;)

Here is another problem what I found: Singapore is too hot to code. I do not like air conditioner so I do not want to use it in my room, but I cannot code at Cafe because it is little far from my room. And Cafe in Singapore is not so good environment because they do not provide electric power to customer.

BTW, now I am living with 4 people: 2 Indians, 1 Philippines and 1 who has mixed blood. They will teach me about English and Singapore, and I will teach Mandarin to their child. I hope that this unit sharing will a good opportunity to learn their culture, feeling and thinkings.