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log: 2013/Feb/25 ~ Mar/3


Nexus 7 has come!

Now I got a Nexus 7 (32G Wifi/3g)! I have rooted it and configured some useful applications.

I will think how to use it as a terminal for development. I wish browser-base IDE like Cloud9 IDE supports tablet, but currently it looks not good. Firstly I will try to use SSH to work in VPS.


findbugs-slf4j 1.0.1

Bug fix only. Diff is not beautiful, but it works well.

Pull request for metaq has been merged

See here.

Best practice for RequireJS

I published some results of my research around AMD module structure. AMD itself is very simple, but organizing project with AMD is complicated.

I wish publishing it let me know other developers solution, because currently I cannot find example which uses AMD heavily. Searching google group and GitHub issues is also good way to research, but it is not good way to learn because it has no structure.