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log: 2013/Apr/1 - 14


LLVM IR coding

I started to code LLVM IR by hands to implement Brainf*ck frontend. LLVM IR is quite easy to code.

In my opinion, it is easier than Jasmin because it can use register instead of stack. The 'phi' is easy to understand, and LLVM will provide you good error message to understand.

Golang tutorial

I finished Golang tutorial. This language is easy to understand.

I feel that we can use this language as a generic (non domain specific) language, and it can work quickly like script. But its merit is not so clear for me. Of course goroutine and channel are great, but they are just syntax sugar or like that.

I guess that its the biggest merit is not on code but in its implementation like resource management and memory model. I have read that some guys said that no-exception style coding looks good.


findbugs-slf4j updated

Today I released version 1.0.5. It contains a bugfix around field handling.

Vagrant to distribute development environment

I added cookbooks and Vagrantfile into our OSS web service, PARTAKE. Now you can build a development environment by single command.