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log: 2012/Sep/17~Oct/24

I have a lot of event in this term, so I could not write logs on real time. I summarize them in this post.


An interesting site about WEB technology.

Currently I use MDN, and developerWorks heavily. I wish this site becomes my new favorite site.


finished to implement findbugs-slf4j

Now I have finished to implement findbugs-slf4j, a FindBugs plugin which helps to use SLF4J. I will release it after I write documents, and I test with corner case.

Pull request for requirejs-maven-plugin

I sent a pull request for requirejs-maven-plugin to add "skip" feature. This diff had been merged and released. Please use requirejs-maven-plugin:1.0.4 in Maven repository.

Slide about JVM profiling

I published a slide at the Speaker Deck. It introduces JVM profiling.