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My definition of the Craftsman, or why I don't be the worst

 I'm a descendant of a carpenter. He was great carpenter and the top of his building firm. He created a lot of values and happiness, so his product will live and guard its owner's life after his death.

 BTW, our lovely creator's culture has a proverb "Be the worst". It means that being the worst creator in community helps us to grow.
 Sometimes I wonder why he didn't be the worst. He was certainly one of creator, so being the top might disturb his growth. Why he could continue to be the top?

 My hypotesis is very simple. He loved not only building but also creating happiness.
 I have another expression for my hypotesis. He was the worst in his own community ― ideal carpenter in his mind. He had already great technology and he could create great buildings, but he wasn't satisfied with his work and kept trying to enhance his technology, communication and human skill.

 I don't know English word to express person like him. "Professional" is too popular to express special case, and "Specialist" isn't focusing goal but method so it doesn't fit him. So I want to use "Craftsman" because I think Japanese word "職人" fits him and many dictionaries says "職人" is "Craftsman" in English.
 I define "Craftsman" is one of the professional who is trying to glow himself to create new value for customer. He values technology, communication and human skill as method.

 I guess being worst sometimes works bad for Craftsman because changing community changes customer. So if Craftsman already has good customer and own idea, continuing to work with current environment brings good growth.
 I want to become a Craftsman like him. It's the reason why I'm working with current environment for 4 years.