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Working Effectively With Legacy Japanese

I think this ↑ is what we need. It should contain following sections:

  • He said 'You should be willing to go through struggles', what does it mean?
  • Why he said 'You should be punctual' but I cannot understand it.
  • Why he loves drinking after work? Do I need to attend it?
  • Why he thinks that I should come to office earlier than him?
  • Why he thinks that I should back to home later than him?
  • What he means by 'trust'?
  • Why he likes meeting?
  • Why he likes micromanagement?
  • Why his attitude to his boss is so special?
  • Why his attitude to customer is so special?
  • Why he doesn't use paid vacation?
  • Why he doesn't learn?
  • Why he has to make so many documents?