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New game for learning Periodic Table

 I've posted new game to 9leap. I designed this game for junior high school students to learn Periodic Table. This is the first version of this game, so it's very simple.

- 9leap : 周期表パズル by eller86 - どこでも遊べる、投稿型ゲームサイト

Tips: using PRESS START

 I created this game with my Rakefile generator. It made my development fast and convenience. I want to enhance this generator more and more.

Tips: customizing util.enchant.js

 The util.enchant.js is very useful plugin but its feature was less for my game. So I forked it and added some features. I will not send pull request because this change breaks some compatibilities.
 ちょっとutil.enchant.jsの機能に不満があったのでforkして機能追加しました。互換性が無いのでpull requestは送らないつもりです。

  • backgroundColor property for MutableText
  • centered property for MutableText
  • redraw() method for MutableText

 I've sent pull requests because I found the way to keep compatibilities.
 結局変更の一部を互換性ある形に書き換えてpull requestしました。