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log: 2012/Oct/25 ~ Nov/4


Single page apps in the depth

I have read Single page apps in the depth. Chapter of module & test are little boring (because I have already known), but overview is very interesting.

You can get epub, mobi and pdf at index.

GitHub Flow

I read GitHub Flow and I think this flow is enough to use. I feel the develop branch is needless... it makes our development speed little slow.

Of course I can understand why we need it. It would good way to maintain untested code. We need the method to test if we want to remove the develop branch.


a FindBugs plugin which supports using SLF4J

Finally I released findbugs-slf4j onto Maven central repository. If you have product which uses SLF4J heavily, use this product to detect potential problem.

a HIRAGANA puzzle to learn Japanese

I released a simple puzzle game at GitHub pages. I think this might help to learn Japanese.

GitHub game off 2012

I start to develop a HTML5 game to join #ggo12. I am planning to develop a simple STG with canvas tag.