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log: 2012/Nov/5 ~ 11


Shanghai IT event calendar (Japanese language)

RubyConf China 2012

At the next week end, RubyConf China 2012 will be held. Sadly its ticket has been already sold out.


Lanyrd recommends conference and event which you might be interested in.


grunt, CoffeeScript, AMD, qunit and Travis CI

This week I tried to use grunt heavily. My goals are:

  • optimization for single page app
    • divide JS codes into some scripts (one file for each component)
    • only one JS file to load
    • minimized JS file
  • testable component
    • each component has test case
    • Travis CI verifies each component automatically

Currently I cannot realize both of concat and testability. I think I have to use r.js instead of concat task of grunt.