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log: 2012/Aug/27~Sep/2


Severe bugs in Java7

I think Java 7 is not stable yet. When will we start to use?

Programming education for young

I got nothing at school about programming because there was no teacher & student who is interested in. But even though I got no education, I have already created what I want many times.
# I do NOT mean learning at school is not effective to create. I mean providing chance to learn at school is not only way to let him/her to become creator.

So I think supporting student with school is not required. Network community can support their learning and creating. In Japan there are some community like 全ゲ連, GAMEHELL and others. What we have to support are: Leading beginners to resources. And providing chance to grow themselves until they reach to community.
I think that writing tips, hosting document and building editor which provides good help are needed. Better default mobile browser for Android is too :(

Finished reading Math girl 5th

I cannot understand why she likes him...


Bug patterns for SLF4J

I created FindBugs plugin to detect a bug around logging with SLF4J. Its automated test is limited, but I tested it manually. You can try it but be carefully that it still has a TODO comment.

Building FindBugs plugin with Maven is little complex for me. I hope that FindBugs community will help me to build.