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How to listen VOCALOID music without nicovideo (UPDATED)

 Recently I resumed crawling VOCALOID songs. I'm trying to introduce methods which I'm using.


 KARENT is the most famous VOCALOID label. It has a lot of links to iTunes and Amazon Music, so we can buy musics easily. I often buy new album released by my favorite musicians. Describing RSS feed is my recommendation.
 KARENTは世界最大規模のVOCALOIDレーベル、だそうです。昔から好きなボカロPさんの新作・アルバムが出ると、大抵ここ経由で購入しています。RSS配信もあるのでGoogle Readerなんかで購読しておくのが吉。

聴き専ラジオ(Online Radio by VOCALOID Listeners)

 KIKISEN RADIO is an online radio distributing VOCALOID news and songs. Japanese only.

 They're all of my methods. I heard that VOCALOID is popular in China, so I hope that listening VOCALOID song becomes easy.


 Currently, we can use miku sound.