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One attention to use DEV@cloud for hosting your FOSS

 Do you have tried to use DEV@cloud by CloudBees? Not yet? I've already use it, so I have one attention for you to host your FOSS.

 If you want to publish your job for anonymous users like dynjs, create your account as a FOSS free plan. The standard free plan doesn't has a feature to publish your Jenkins job. I tried to switch my account to FOSS free plan, but I failed and recreated.
 自分のジョブを(dynjsのように)誰でも閲覧できるようにするには、FOSS free planでアカウントを作る必要があります。既存のアカウントを切り替えられないか試しましたが無理っぽいです。

 Using DEV@cloud helps us to build and test at clean environment quickly. Try it to improve your daily coding!